Deaf refugees constitute one of the most vulnerable groups among the Deaf Community. In addition to fleeing from life-threatening situations, deaf refugees struggle to access information on the current situation they are facing. When they settle in refugee camps, they often do not receive information in their sign language. Deaf refugees should benefit from the same fundamental rights to receive information in sign language as other people in the same situation. In addition, they also have the rights to interact with their direct environment in sign language, receiving services such as healthcare, social services on the equal basis with their hearing counterparts. Deaf refugees should also have access to deaf communities in the area where they migrate to, in order to access resources and aid in their resettlement in their new areas of residence.

Deaf refugees may become deaf immigrants with local deaf communities receiving new members. Please use today’s celebration to hold an event with deaf refugees and deaf immigrants in your local communities, share these events on social media with the hashtags #IDSL2019 #IWDeaf2019.

Together, our cross-cultural bonds as deaf people are strengthened!

To support WFD’s international advocacy in the aid of deaf people involved in natural disasters and other situations where they may become refugees, please donate to our Fighting Fund today!

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