Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and questioning, and asexual people, among others, live in various communities around the world. Members of these communities also include deaf people who embrace multiple identities. Identity for deaf people is inclusive of areas of life such as gender and sexuality. Like other minorities, LGBTIQA+ people add diversity to deaf communities and, in some countries, celebrate this through annual Pride events in which deaf people are often included. However, being able to celebrate oneself in one’s native sign languages can make a significant difference to how deaf LGBTIQA+ people view themselves, and shows how much the community values them. Deaf communities should thus ensure that LGBTIQA+ people are represented in their social events and included in ongoing intersectional advocacy.

Please use today to celebrate the rainbow of identities in our deaf communities around the world and share these celebrations on social media with the hashtags #IDSL2019 #IWDeaf2019

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