The global gender rate indicates the ratio of women is larger than that of men, thus deaf women can be said to represent the majority of the deaf population. Article 6 of the CRPD specifically recognises that women and girls with disabilities, including deaf women, are at risk of being subject to intersectional discrimination. Specific measures must be implemented to safeguard gender equality, diversity and equal participation in society and in decision-making processes for all deaf people. National governments and all other stakeholders must take measures to ensure the full development, advancement, empowerment and equal participation of deaf women in their society and community. Deaf women must have the opportunity to enjoy their human rights in all spheres of life!

In many countries, deaf women have created their own organisations for self-advocacy and education purposes. Today, let us recognise the need to ensure gender equality in our communities and our organisations and celebrate the accomplishments of deaf women. Share these celebrations on social media with the hashtags #IDSL2019 #IWDeaf2019

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