DeafBlind people and deaf people with disabilities, including Deaf Plus, are fully-fledged members of deaf communities and have the right to participate in these communities and in society at large on an equal basis. Access provisions for peoples with disabilities are important to ensure access for all members of deaf communities.

In addition to access to sign languages, DeafBlind people will sign varieties of sign language, including protactile language, and sign language interpretation services that are designed for Deafblind people. Such an interpretation may also include environmental description and guiding, as well as tactile signs.

Deaf people with additional disabilities, including deaf people on the autism spectrum and deaf people with intellectual disabilities, have the right to live their lives with self-determination and with access to sign language environments, in educational, residential, and social settings. With access, deaf people with disabilities can achieve full participation, equality, independence and self-determination in all areas of life.

Today, let us celebrate deaf communities by ensuring we are always inclusive of all deaf people. Share our diverse communities on social media with the hashtags #IDSL2019 #IWDeaf2019

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