John Wilson passed away on Friday, September 6, 2019. Sadly, John’s second son Travis passed away just two days before John. The family is in shock and devastated.

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John was a proud Black Deaf man who spent 25 years fighting to return to his family from prison. John knew he would be denied parole if he refused to express remorse; and for years, his parole was denied because he said he could not say that he had done a crime he did not do. HEARD advocates fought alongside him for 12 of those 25 years. In September 2018, after the community stepped up to support John’s parole petition, the US Parole Commission finally granted John parole. They granted parole even though John maintained his innocence. On March 6, 2019, HEARD advocates were at the prison with his daughter to pick him up and welcome him home. We are so thankful that John had an opportunity to spend his final months with his children, grandchildren, friends and advocates.

A private funeral and burial will be held for John’s family, loved ones and long-time advocates. A public memorial service or celebration of life & legacy will be announced at a later date.

HEARD helped raise funds for John’s homecoming in November 2018. We will move the remainder of those funds to this homegoing services fundraiser as we say one final goodbye to a loyal father and friend. John’s family is still in need of financial support to help with services. Any amount you can offer would be so appreciated.

Please take some time to share your thoughts & love for John Wilson. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

[Video description and transcript:

3 min video of two Black people one tall woman and one shorter genderfluid person signing in ASL to the camera. They are standing in the kitchen of a house. The genderfluid person on the left has short dark hair, wire-framed glasses, and a white long-sleeved shirt. On the right, the Black woman wears a yellow turban on their head, a blue sweater and a white shirt.

Hi, my name is Fria. I am John Wilson’s daughter. Today, I am here to share with family and friends some very sad news about my father. My father passed away peacefully on Sept 6th around 2 pm.

Sadly, my brother, Travis, my father’s second son, died in a car accident on Wednesday, Sept 4th. We were here waiting for my father to tell him what happened to Travis. My father never showed up. Now I just want my father and brother to rest in peace.

Thank you.

I’m TL. I’m a volunteer advocate with HEARD organization. Of course, you know that I cherish John Wilson. HEARD and I have been working to help prove John’s innocence since 2007. John spent 25 years incarcerated. John is the reason why HEARD was founded. We, at HEARD, are all heartbroken and in shock.

Right now, the family requests support and donations to provide a proper burial and funeral. If you would like to donate, please go to the link below. Information related to services will be released soon. We are currently still working on final arrangements. As soon as the information is available, it will be provided to the community.

Right now, we just want to inform the community of this sad news. We know you care about John and have been cheering him on throughout the years. While it is sad he has passed, he is finally free.

Thank you. Love you all. Thank you all.

Thank you. Love you. Thank you.]

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