Liann: Hello, my name is Liann Osborne, I’m the Interim Board President
Raymond: Hello, my name is Raymond Rodgers and I’m the Executive Director of DCARA.
Liann: We are here to give you the updates about the Board of Directors. I want to clarify on who is currently on the Board of Directors, I’m the Interim Board President and Tom Murillo is the Vice President.
You may have noticed that there are only two of us in the Board of Directors, the California law requires a nonprofit to have at least two people which it’s fine for now.
I wanted to give thanks to those who resigned recently, we wanted to recognize their hard work by investing their time and supporting DCARA. I would like to thank those who resigned: Mary Telford resigned on May 29th, Jerry Grigsby resigned on June 4th, and Roz Ramos resigned on August 21st. Again, thank you for your services.
Raymond: As you already knew, last Spring was quite a rough road for the staff at DCARA. We have worked very hard to return back to normal, which requires a lot of healing, training, counseling and working together. It has been really amazing to see that we all pull together and work together to become a healthy and stronger group, going forward. I’m really excited and looking forward to the future, entering a new era for all of us as DCARA, especially with the wonderful and amazing woman, Liann! I’m really looking forward to the future.
As you recall, we had purchased the interpreting business, Communique Interpreting last February. Remarkably, the merge has been smooth and successful. DCARA and Communique together have thrived quite a lot, especially with the Communique’s revenue and enhancing DCARA’s interpreting services. Communique really helped us financially, which makes us financially healthy and was able to pull out of deficit. Right now, DCARA is comfortable financially, fortunately since for a long time DCARA was struggling financially for a long time. Going forward, the finance should be healthy, which I’m excited about.
Now, I’m excited to let you know that we’re expanding some, creating some new job positions. Please do check out our careers on http://www.dcara.org/careers. I hope you’ll check it out and think about joining us, the exciting team!
Liann: I’m excited to share the news that we’re interviewing the new potential Board members. That means we’re getting together to meet them on September 17th at Deaf Community Center at 6pm. See you there!
I have one last thing I would like to say: thank you to the community, we couldn’t do this without your support. Thank you!

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