How to Get Car Insurance if You Are Deaf

It sometimes surprises people with good hearing that deaf people are allowed to drive in the US. When states were first considering their driving laws back in the 1920s, there were several that denied deaf people the right to a driver’s license. These laws were overturned with the help of the National Association for the Deaf, and now all 50 states will grant a driving license to deaf or hard of hearing people. 

There is still sometimes some discrimination against them even though research has shown that deaf people are no more likely to be involved in an accident. Although most insurance companies do not have a problem insuring deaf people, it is best to be prepared when you need to renew or get your first policy and have all your information ready.

Get Your Quote Online

The internet has made it easier for people with any sort of disability to deal with their own affairs. It does not matter how long it takes to work your way through any questions, you can compare insurances quotes through a comparison site like Insurance Geek and find the best deal for you. Having a hearing problem is not something you have to report to the driving legislators in your state, although there are some medical conditions and other disabilities that are notifiable and will affect your insurance premium. Getting a quote online will mean you can set up the payment that way too, which all helps to keep the process as simple as possible.

Talk to an Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers are specialists that can help you to find the best deal. If you are hard of hearing, it is probably best to visit one of them so you can explain the problem. If you are stopped by the police and cannot hear what they are saying, it is handy to have a notebook so they do not think you are being impolite, or you could carry one of the state-issued cards that let the police officer know you are deaf. The same applies to visiting an insurance broker. Unless you are very good at lipreading, it could be useful to have a pen and paper to hand to make communicating simpler.

Get Help from Friends or Family

If you are not confident enough to get your quote online or to visit a broker on your own, ask a friend or relative to help you. It is better to ask someone to assist you with anything you need to do rather than not drive because of your hearing difficulty.  

In America, it is a positive thing that deaf people are not discriminated against where driving is concerned, as there are unfortunately still some countries that will not grant a driving license to anyone with impaired hearing. Being able to drive will give you the freedom to get to work, go shopping or just going out for pleasure. Make the most of this ability to be independent in getting around as it will help to make life easier.

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