When you love sports so much, how can you get paid to watch sports? Nick found the solution by being a Sports Information Director! #DeafAtWork

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Nick is seated in the middle of a basketball court in a gym. The NAD logo is on the bottom right corner.

NICK: I’m all about sports! I love watching games, especially when they play at a competitive level. I love a close or big point-lead games!

Black and white behind clip of Nick entering the basketball gym arena and walks down the stairs. In the center, a white border surrounds white text “NICK” underneath, appears in white text “SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR.”

NICK: My name is Nick Huntimer, I work at the Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota as the Sports Information Director.

Black and white clip of Nick seated at the score table going through a folder while a basketball game is happening.

NICK: Well, first I went to the deaf school here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota until I was in fourth grade — we found out my grandma had cancer. As a family we decided to move which meant I would be mainstreamed, from there I stayed until I graduated High School. I went to Dakota State University, where I currently work, and graduated with a degree in Business Education with disciplines in computer technology, middle school math, and coaching. During my college years with DSU, I worked in the athletics department, and that’s how I got my foot in the door.

Black and white close up clip of Nick looking at something off screen.

NICK: Because I was already working at the Athletics Department when I was a student, My boss was the one who told me to apply for this job. He knew I was motivated and very involved with sports and believed I was a good fit.

Black and white clip of Nick sitting at the scoring table watching a basketball game.

NICK: My position has many different responsibilities for different seasons. For example, in the Fall, there’s Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball. In the Winter, we have Basketball and Track. Then in the Spring, it’s Baseball, Softball and Track. Most of my work is writing previews for the following week’s game, recaps of what happened during a game, game statistics that includes points or who had the first down, and taking pictures. Sometimes I interview coaches or players. I also create graphics to promote upcoming games. For this athletic conference, I write about players of the week on Mondays or sometimes Tuesdays. At DSU, I write and prepare for the next game, create previews for the website, and do some web design.

Black and white clip of Nick designing a flyer on his laptop. Next clip, Nick is taking a video of the players on the court on his phone from his seat at the scoring table. White text appears at the bottom center, “What I do is pretty much marketing, I promote softball tournaments, summer camps, or fundraising events… I do a lot of things in my job, really. Everyday, there’s always something to do.” Light blue text “- Nick” and a light blue line outlines the left side of the text. Next clip, Nick is scrolling through his phone and closes some apps.

NICK: When there’s a lot of people in the gym, it can get pretty loud. I’m pretty good at lip reading really, so when there is a one on one meeting, I can just lip read. If it’s too hard to hear or read lips, I usually tell them to email or text me. I’m always on my phone, using email and text anyway.

Black and white over the shoulder clip of Nick working on his laptop.

NICK: To get your foot in the door, start with basic volunteer experience. Take this tournament here for example, we offer volunteering opportunities. There’s many things to do around the court like handling the tables, noting the scores and so on. Get your foot in the door! Sometimes you can even shadow a person to see what they do, and if it’s something you’re interested in doing — then keep doing it!

Black and white close up clip of Nick writing something on a packet of paper while seated at the scoring table. Next clip, Nick is seated at the scoring table watching the basketball game. Video cuts to grey background with the NAD logo quickly changing in different bright colors from teal to white to black to hot pink to green to orange to teal to yellow to purple to finally the official NAD logo with copyright text underneath “The National Association of the Deaf (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved”.]

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