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George Veditz Video group developed this video at the 2019 Jr. NAD National Conference in Rochester, NY.

Black screen with a white text fades in and out: “Explore”, “Day 1”

Lily wakes up on the ground. There is snow outside. Lily is puzzled. She gets up and looks around. There are other people lying around outside, also waking up puzzled. All of them are walking towards each other.

A close up on Lily: “Who are you?”
Everybody looks confused. Hezeki: “I don’t know.”
Javon: “Do I know you?”
Trey, puzzled: “There’s snow… I’m not in Texas.”
Aliza: “I don’t know!”
Hazim: “I don’t know who you are. Why is everyone here?”
Tiffany: “Why are we here?”
Lilly looks to Tiffany: “I’m so cold.” They both shivers. Tiffany: “There’s a house! Let’s go!” All the kids run towards the building.

They arrive to the door. Caprani: “Should I go ahead and open?”
Everybody: “Yes, go ahead!” Everybody enters the building.

Lily and Trey points at someone. Trey comes up to a tall man, Linsay Darnall Jr. Linsay Jr. smiles and looks at Trey. Trey steps back and says: “Why are here?”

Linsay Jr. nods. “Why are you here? People from across the U.S. are here for the Jr. NAD National Conference. This conference is all all about learning, studying, and building leadership. After this conference, we will go back to our homes and continue building deaf America. Together, we can succeed. We will teach you to become leaders.” Linsay Jr. smiles and walks away. All students stare at him.

Linsay Jr. looks back. “Remember, always lift each other.” He gives a thumbs up and walks away. The students continue to stare. Tony: “Wow”. The video fades to black.

Hezeki: “Hey! We need to know more about each other.” Everybody stands up to greet each other. Trey: “Trey.” Caprani: “Caprani” They say simultaneously: “Nice to meet you.” Everybody greets each other and video fades to black.

White text: “In the Next Few Days…”
Snapshots of the conference are shown:
Melissa Yingst during the panel.
A close up of Annabelle.
A slow mo of Delegates in the NTID tunnel.
Video of Delegates, Observers and Advisors eating at the Cafeteria.
A bird-eyed view of people at the Dyer Arts Center
Melissa Yingst and Sarah Gordon at their presentation.
A close up of Caitlin.
Delegates are walking outside.
Annabelle says: “Hi! We are doing a fun activity. Do you want to join?” Reza smiles along.
Videos of different group activities.
Photo of Delegates and Observers wave their hands.

Video fades to black and white text appears in: “How do you describe Jr. NAD conference?”
Lily: “Inspiring”
Tiffany: “Deaf Ecosystem”
Hazim: “Friends”
Tony: “Collaboration”
Jayvon: “Team”
Nick: “Socialize”
Cade: “Motivation”
Chloe: “Learn”
Trey: “Grow”
Aliza: “Discover”
Hezeki: “Relationships”
Jayvon: “Jr.”
Hezeki: “Jr.”
Tony: “NAD”
Tiffany: “NAD”
Chloe: “That”
Javyon: “That”

Video fades to everybody in the auditorium. All the Delegates and Observers are waving their hands stimulusly.

Everybody hugs each other goodbye. They all huddle in a circle and video fades to black.

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