I Have A Shopping Problem (And It Needs To Stop) | Rikki Poynter
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I, Rikki Poynter, have a shopping addiction/problem, and also a hoarding/not cleaning problem. This started from abuse, growing up being screamed at and ridiculed for not cleaning, but also for cleaning. It was a never ending battle of should I or should I not be cleaning my stuff? The lack of parental love, or neglect, and loneliness in general led me to believe that stuff would make me feel better, so I would go out when I had money from allowance, holidays, etc. to buy more things.

As my room filled more and more with stuff, I became overwhelmed but I wasn’t doing much about it. Because as I would begin to do stuff, I would be met with yelling about why I wasn’t cleaning. But I knew I couldn’t stand being in the situation I was in because I was barely able to walk around my room and be able to work in it.

Years ago, I started decluttering and working on “living light” which worked well for a while. I was beginning to realize what actually brought value to me. Unfortunately in the last year or two, that has been broken and I started to buy and hoard again. Even though I have gone through many declutters, it would soon be undone by bringing in more now.

Now inspired by Samantha Ravndahl, Style Apotheca, and Whitney Hedrick, I am beginning another low buy/no buy and minimalist journey with makeup, clothes, and more.

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Rikki Poynter is a 28-year- old deaf vlogger on YouTube. She makes content about deaf awareness, accessibility/closed captioning awareness, mental health, feminism, and more. Since making her first deaf related video on October 1st, 2014, Rikki has been on the Huffington Post, Mic News, Upworthy, ABC News, BBC Newsbeat, BBC Ouch, BBC See Hear, and other news outlets in various countries. Also, she has been working on her new closed captioning campaign, Lights, Camera, Caption!, to try to get more YouTubers to closed caption their videos. After hopefully one day taking over YouTube, she wants to work on the rest of the Internet.

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