The Land where All are Friends (ASL Poem)

General information: You may share this video on social media and websites. Watch in high definition. Captions not provided, but read below for keywords and synopsis. The purpose of the synopsis is to provide a basic summary of the poem.

Image description: A white young man is standing in front of a orangish/whitish wall. He is wearing a white T-shirt, grey-ish pants, and a brown belt. He is signing ‘WORLD.”

Purpose: I created this poem to promote inner peace (and world peace) as well as to illustrate how ASL is capable of complex metaphors.

Keywords: tears, cloud, world, sad, inspire, join hands, friends, believe, know, stem, tree, leaf, boat, gold, centered

Synopsis: In the beginning, the world tells the speaker that he/she has not cried enough to equal the ocean. Then, the speaker or the world asks for the land where all are friends. Either the speaker or the world makes the following three assertions: 1) I believe it exists although you see nothing, it is because you see with your eyes open whereby my eyes are closed in the same thickness as the ASL sign for “knowledge” itself; 2) I have faith that it exists, although you see only a stem (visually related to the ASL sign “faith”) while I see a tree (visually related to another ASL sign for “faith”), 3) Even though a leaf falls from that ‘faith’ tree, I am not saddened because that leaf is a boat leaving for the the land where all are friends, represented as an actual pile of gold leaves underneath the tree itself. The poem concludes with a call for everyone to find inner peace and to strive for that land.

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