Apply to the NAD YAP #1

Domonic, our 2018-2020 YAP ambassador, reminisces on how he started his YAP journey. Are you next? Applications are due February 1st! #YAP2020

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Domonic is standing in front of a NAD banner and photos on the wall. Domonic is wearing a NAD polo.

DOMONIC: Why should you apply for the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP)? In 2018, when the NAD YAP was on the search for the next Youth Ambassador, the program focused on visibility and establishing a strategic plan for youth. This intrigued me. I told myself this was an opportunity for me to apply with the goal of establishing a mentorship program. I was accepted to participate in 2018 and won! I was shocked! At first, I did not know where to start. The NAD helped me work on my vision for the program, and not only that, my network expanded. I met new people in new places and other deaf youth. It has been a rich experience!

Screen fades to a dark blue background. Red alphabet letters of “N-A-D” in American Sign Language appears one by one in the center of the video. The copyright text appears underneath, “National Association of the Deaf, Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved”.]

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