Ask Howard Anything / January 2020

HOWARD: I have a serious topic to discuss, scams. Scams affect everyone, hearing and deaf. The worst kind of scams happen on the internet, texts, videophone calls, and online — this is concerning. We want to make sure you’re aware of this and protect yourselves. I discuss this topic today because recently, the NAD Front Desk receive inquiries from people who claimed they donated to the NAD but want their money back. At first, this was confusing but eventually we realized the person was scammed. It seems someone else pretended to represent the NAD and encouraged that person to donate to them directly, falsely claiming to be the NAD. Another situation happened to me directly, someone approached me at a conference and said we had been in touch but I had never met this person and didn’t know who this person was. The person was shocked because they had given money to my name — Howard Rosenblum. I immediately told the person that it wasn’t me and that they were unfortunately scammed. It is important to remember if the NAD or another non-profit contacts you for a donation, we direct you to our website or hard copy donation letter, you can donate by check and mail to the legitimate mailing address as indicated or donate online using their secured billing page. We don’t see the full credit card information, we only see the last four numbers of your credit card. So even if you donated to the NAD, the NAD doesn’t have full access to your credit card account. Scammers often ask for your bank account information or social security number — don’t give that out. Your personal information should be kept private to you. Please protect yourself. If you share your personal information, they can set up a new credit card with your name, without your knowledge. That is called identity theft, please be careful. If this happened to you, contact the FBI – they have a hotline you can use. If you believe something happened to you that involves the NAD, contact us. We must be careful and not share our personal information with strangers. Again, you can donate to the NAD using a check or your credit card. Protect yourselves! Thank you.

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