New Order of the Oppressed: Deaf American Girl Doll

English Transcript:

President John Adams warned: “The danger of revolution is its knock-on effect for disobedient children….”

After the American Girl Doll has gone viral, it reminds me of a doll when I was nine years old in 1983, sat down with signing Santa and wanted a GI Joe doll because of my uncle and grandfather who involved with the military. Then I found out that the military wouldn’t accept Deaf people. Falsehoods. Today, I am a pacifist meaning I am against war. For example, sound and language war.

First of all, Deaf adults who choose to wear hearing aids or cochlear implant is their choice, however, sharing my childhood experience where I was forced to wear hearing aids by audiologists’ “new order of the oppressed” until age of 16 where I finally had the courage to throw hearing aids away in a river. When my cauliflower ears grew, the hearing aid molds could not fit anymore, so I was thankful for wrestling.

Why? I could not understand any sound put forcefully through my ears. My head hurt. My ears hurt. Even I was punished for being Deaf. Those 675 batteries were expensive. To be honest, wearing hearing aids made my life miserable. It was human exploitation at best. EARS: PROFITABLE

We need to be honest that ASL is a human language—a human being. Why? Intellectual discussion. Without ASL, no past, no society, no memory, no thought, no real humanity.

11 reasons why hearing aid/cochlear implant is wrong:

Social Polarization

Human Being versus Human Doing


Orwellian Utopia

Plantation Mentality

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs






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