Youth Programs Resolution #1

Happy New Year! Do you have any New Year resolutions? Chanel, our Youth Director, has a few suggestions as you start brainstorming this week. Chanel’s first suggestion is to make a goal to apply for the Youth Ambassador Program!

[VIDEO DESC and TRANSCRIPT: Chanel is standing inside the NAD Headquarters’ lobby, the NAD logo is in the background.

CHANEL: Happy New Year! Have you thought about your New Years’ Resolution? I know I have! If you’re still not sure, I have a suggestion: if you are between 18 – 30 years old, apply for the Youth Ambassador Program! If you haven’t applied, do it soon!
Text appears: APPLY BY FEB. 1st

Screen fades to a dark blue background. Red alphabet letters of “N-A-D” in American Sign Language appears one by one in the center of the video. The copyright text appears underneath, “National Association of the Deaf, Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved”.]

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