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Please note the Governor has just announced this applies to the entire state of California, not just the counties listed in this video. For more information on the order please visit: https://www.saccounty.net/news/latest-news/Pages/SacCountyHealthOfficerIssuesCOVID-19Order.aspx

Visual Description: A brunette woman with glasses sits at a black table with a white wall behind her. She is wearing a black blouse and jacket and is wearing dangly earrings a chunky necklace and rings on her fingers.

Full transcript below:
Hello, today March 19th, 2020
Starting today at midnight
Sacramento county made an announcement along with these other counties.
They are starting a public health order
for everyone to stay home, and requiring people to work from home.
NorCal will continue to provide services to the Deaf and hard of hearing community no matter what.
This order is new, starting tonight at midnight and lasting until April 7th.
It will end then unless it is extended futher.
This order is to slow the spread of COVID19.
Now the Sheriff and police department will monitor things more.
That means people need to follow this order.
This order limits activities such as travel,
and business functions,
to only the most essential.
Everyone is required to stay at home and follow social distancing rules.
Always be 6 feet away from other people.
In other-words, if you are talking to someone make sure you leave some space between you two.
Everyone is required to stay at home except for essential activities.
People that are high risk, or already have COVID19 are not allowed to do these essential activites:
What can you go do?
You can go to the pharmacy and buy medicine.
You can go to the doctor.
You can go to the store and get supplies you need
or you can order online.
You can go to the grocery store and get canned food,
dry goods, cereal, thing like that,
fresh fruit and vegetables,
pet supplies and food.
Fresh meat, fish, poultry, eggs,
and other household items you need to stay healthy you can go buy.
You can also order these things online.
You can still go outdoors, you can go on walks,
and horseback riding you can still do.
Please just remember you are required to keep 6 feet of social distance.
You can take care of other family-members that are sick and go to other people’s houses.
Again, with limits.
It is ok to have private gathers but have no more than 6 people
allowed in one house.
You can have friends over just no more than 6.
Again please follow the social distancing requirements.
Keep washing your hands.
Cover any coughs in your shirt or elbow.
Follow any requirements that keep you and other people safe.
For more information on the public health order we will add a link in the description.
We hope that all Californians will follow these requirements so the police don’t need to get involved.
Or the military, we hope not.
If it happens it will be because people are not following these simple requirements, so please do your part.
Again call us if you have any questions.
Feel free to contact NorCal by email, text, or VP.
We are still available to provide services. Thank you.

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