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Join this Thursday’s Abolition Can’t Wait Teach-In at 5pm ET!

Learn about abolishing police+prison systems in greater detail through conversations by organizers who have been doing this work for many years.

Deaf #ASL terps & live captions!

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Malik Morris, a Black Indigenous man with long natural hair slicked back into an afro puff. He stands in front of a brick wall outside while wearing a black buttoned silk short sleeve shirt and signing. He signs in Black ASL.

**opening credits**
Black title screen
Title: Abolition Can’t Wait: An Online Teach-In with #8TOABOLITION


[***flash the flyer of the event on Thursday, June 25th @5:00 PM in an online teach-in hosted by Abolition Can’t Wait! #8ToAbolition***]

Two Image Descriptions.
[Image Description 1 on the left side: light grey flyer. Blue and black text on the left half reads: Abolition Can’t Wait. An online teach-in with #8ToAbolition. Thursday, June 25 5:00 PM ET. A picture of a Haymarket Books logo is in the bottom left corner.]

[Image Description 2 on the right side: An infographic with a black background and red and white images and text. Red header text reads: #8ToAbolition A world without prisons or police where we can all be safe. In the center of the infographic there’s a series of 8 light red outlined boxes. Each box has a white animated graphic in the middle and a corresponding header.

Box 1: graphic of coins with two arrows moving in opposing directions. Defund the police. Box 2: graphic of city buildings and trees. Demilitarize communities. Box 3: graphic of a police officer with a slash through it. Remove police from schools. Box 4: cracking prison bars. Free people from prisons & jails.

Text: We believe in a world where there are zero police murders because there are zero police

Box 5: graphic of a clipboard. Repeal laws criminalizing survival. Box 6: graphic of two people talking. Invest in Community self-governance. Box 7: graphic of a hand holding a house. Provide safe housing for everyone. Box 8: graphic of hearts tied together like a chain. Invest in care not cops.


Are y’all free on Thursday, June 25th at 5 PM EST? Yes, yes, yes? COME ON AND JOIN!

Abolition Can’t Wait! #8ToAbolition is hosting an online teach-in this Thursday for an hour and half!

This is the space where you will learn a lot about why abolishing the police and prison system can’t wait in greater detail through conversations by organizers who have been doing this work for many years. They also will break down on those 8 Demands of #8toAbolition:

1) Defund the Police
2) Demilitarize Communities
3) Remove Police from Schools
4) Free People from Prisons and Jails
5) Repeal Laws that Criminalize Survival
6) Invest in Community Self-Governance
7) Provide Safe housing for Everyone
8) Invest in Care, not Cops

HEARD is coordinating and co-sponsoring access so you know that all this important info will be accessible through deaf interpreters and live English captioning!

Please register through eventbrite to receive a link to the video conference on the day of the event.

Here’s the link to register! *point to bottom of screen* [https://bit.ly/abolitioncantwait] If you miss the event no worries! It will be recorded.

Hope y’all join and let’s learn together in solidarity! 😀

**end credits**

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