#NADYouthSummerSeries begins tomorrow! Many thanks to our awesome team and everyone who participated the summer series.

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Aerial scene of countryside and suburbs with text: “#NADYouthSummerSeries”. NAD watermark is placed on lower right corner and is pasted throughout the video.

Chanel is walking the dogs. Dogs tries to run away. Chanel looking exasperated then looks at the camera and smiles. Text appears across screen “Chanel Bonheyo- NAD Youth Program Director.”

Jimel is outside fixing his bike in front of the camera all sweaty. Then looks at camera and smiles. Text appears across screen “Jimel Wright- YLC Director”

Chelsea is stepping up to a house. Carries bags of groceries and tries to open the door. Drop the bags. Became frustrated then looks at the camera and waves. Text appears across screen “Chelsea Lee- YLC Assistant Director”

Anna is on a balcony playing with the dog. The dog responds to the tricks. Anna’s face. Anna gives the dog a treat then looks at the camera. Smiles.
Title appears across screen “Anna Lynch- YLC Business Manager”

CHANEL: Hi! We, at the NAD Youth Programs, are excited to present something special this summer.

JIMEL: We are going to share videos that discuss various issues that you, Deaf youth, will benefit for your leadership development.

CHELSEA: From July 17th until August 11th, we will release videos on the NAD Youth Programs social media page so you can watch them!

ANNA: And you can share them with your friends. This series will inspire discussions and give an opportunity for you to apply the lessons to your daily life. The series will help you learn how to be a leader in your community!

JIMEL: Come and join us!

Quick shot: Tree tops with clouds rolling across the sky and fades out. NAD Copyright.

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