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BREAKING NEWS: We are sharing updates related to active fire incidents and statewide energy alerts.

During this time of the year, the wildfire season returns and counties in Northern California are sending alerts such as safety warnings and evacuation warnings, and possibly mandatory evacuations. Contra Costa and Napa recently issued alerts to prepare for evacuations, which at some point may be mandated, so keep an eye out for that.

Make sure to check with your counties and cities periodically through different information channels such as: Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, TV news, sign up for alert messages to your mobiles, or check their official websites to stay updated and safe.

UPDATE #1: Evacuation warnings or mandatory evacuations

These areas in the following counties are under evacuation warnings:
Contra Costa (southwest of Brentwood)
Napa (west of Brooks and East of St. Helena)
Mandatory evacuation orders through the night
County evacuation shelter at Crosswalk Church
Santa Clara (northeast of Milpitas)
Santa Cruz (east of Pescadero, east of Ano Nuevo State Park)

If you are trapped or have a disability and need assistance with evacuation, please call 911 immediately.

In advance, you can call your local firefighter department to let them know that you or your family members are deaf and ask them to check in on your home first thing during an emergency evacuation. You can also set up a “buddy” system such as asking your neighbor or a family relative or friend to check in on you during an emergency evacuation.

UPDATE #2: Rolling Blackouts

Since the heat wave hit hard statewide it also leads to higher demands on power. PG&E is issuing a statewide flex alert starting today and lasting until August 20th, from 3pm to 10 pm daily. Please try to conserve energy use in your household such as:
Turning off lights that are not in use – instead take advantage of natural sunlight when possible,
Unplugging appliances that are not in use,
Using less hot water during the day- shower or laundry,
Replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs,

PG&E’s website has additional information on how to save power in warm temperatures, so be sure to check it out!

There is a strong possibility of rolling blackouts throughout the state. This means you could lose power in your area. Make sure you have backup plans and be prepared when you lose power in your home! To find out more information go to:

UPDATE #3: DMV to close early this week

All California DMV locations are set to close at 3 pm from Monday, August 17, through Wednesday, August 19, in order to conserve energy. If you already have an appointment between 2:30 pm and 5 pm, the DMV will contact you and reschedule. If you need more information, DMV urges you to visit their website.

Stay alert. Plan ahead. Stay cool and safe!

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