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I’m Eunyoung.
Welcome back to a new season of Brick City News.
I hope you had a great summer.
I’m thrilled to be back on campus and so are some other people!
Hello Students!
I’m Gerry Buckley, the president of NTID. I am pleased to welcome our new students, and welcome back all of our returning students.
This is obviously not a typical fall, but there is still a lot of excitement as classes begin. Our RIT/NTID community is strong, and we’ll get through this unusual time together.
We all have a part in keeping everyone safe. Remember to wear your mask and practice physical distancing.
Good luck on your academic journey here at RIT/NTID. Be sure to study hard and reach out to your professors and advisors if you need assistance. Everyone at RIT/NTID is committed to helping you succeed.
I wish you a safe and productive semester.
Go Tigers!
Hello, I’m Gary Behm, associate vice president for Academic Affairs here at NTID. We are so pleased to see all of our new and returning students and to start the new academic year.
We’ve been working hard to get ready for this semester. The faculty are excited to share their knowledge with you and help you grow and make progress in your studies. I encourage you to do your very best and take advantage of learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. The work you do now is an investment for a successful future.
Be smart and do your part to keep our community healthy and safe!
Interested in learning more about students, staff, faculty and alums across RIT’s Rochester and global campuses?

Then put aside two hours each month to join NTID’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion for “What’s your diversity?” This series of virtual seminars will introduce you to members of our community who will share their personal and professional journeys.

“What’s your diversity?” is hosted by Dr. Alesia Allen, NTID’s new director of Diversity and Inclusion.

To learn more, visit the website.

Like being in the spotlight? Want to build your resume? Improve your communication and presentation skills?

NTID is looking for students with strong sign skills who can co-host Brick City News and do other sign language video announcements.

If you’re interested, please email Dylan Panarra!

RIT is working on plans for a safe reopening of select RIT fitness facilities. There are several alternative opportunities available to engage in fitness and recreation safely this fall.

You can also join intramurals or a club sport! Additionally, RIT is offering wellness courses that include rock climbing or yard games all the way to online courses like financial fitness and wellness for life! There’s a lot to pick from.

We also have a great Strava community here at RIT. Strava is an app that tracks your steps, runs, cycling and so on! We also have a ton of outdoor trails here on campus.

RIT will continue to share updates as recreation staff work through plans for additional recreation opportunities.

We know that despite RIT’s safety protocols, RIT cannot guarantee a COVID-free environment. We all play a role in keeping our RIT community healthy and safe against the spread of COVID-19.
RIT’s alert level system will enable RIT to respond quickly to rapidly evolving health conditions. It is up to each member of the RIT community to wear a mask in public, wash hands frequently, and watch your physical distance.
RIT is currently at the alert level of Green.

What does this mean?

It means that there still is a threat of a COVID outbreak, but the virus is low on campus.

We still need to be responsible, focus on keeping 6 feet apart from others, wear your mask, wash your hands according to COVID-19 guidelines.

We need to be committed to being RIT Ready! To learn more, visit the RIT Ready website.

That’s it for the first episode of this season. Best of luck on your studies! Please be smart, responsible, and safe, don’t forget about your Daily Health reports!

I’m Eunyoung, and I’ll see you on the next episode of Brick City News!

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