TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO DESC: Annabelle is standing in front of a dark background. There is a NAD watermark on the bottom right corner.

ANNABELLE: Hello! I’m Annabelle and I am the Jr. NAD Ambassador 2019 – 2021.

Video zooms closer.

ANNABELLE: Guess what?! The NAD Youth Programs has exciting news to share with you.

Due to COVID-19, many schools are doing distance/ virtual learning. This also means that many schools are focused on students receiving education, instead of operating after school activities including sports, clubs, and student organizations which includes Jr. NAD. Of course, I’m devastated. The NAD values our relationships with the Jr.NAD chapters and understands if they are not able to pay the annual membership fee. So, we are granting complementary membership fees for all Jr. NAD chapters… AND for those who want to establish a new Jr. NAD chapter! You can establish a chapter at no charge.

I recommend establishing one now! Why? You will receive: 1) monthly updates from the NAD Youth Programs; 2) receive online Jr.NADmag 3x a year; 3) develop leadership skills through activities; 4) network with other deaf youth; and 5) be eligible to attend the next Jr. NAD National Conference in Fall 2021.

Interested?! Go to and click on online membership. Be sure you have a group of friends and an advisor (over the age of 18) that can help with your Jr. NAD journey. Join today!

Video fades to NAD copyright.

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