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JEFFREY: Tip #1 – Research your candidates.

JEFFREY: Did you know that there are more people running for office other than President and Vice-President of the United States? For instance,

Jeffrey pointed his hand to the right side of the screen and the following words appeared.

JEFFREY: There are people running for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of
State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, United States Representative, State Senator, State Representative, and Circuit Judge.

JEFFREY: -whew!- That is a lot right?

An icon of the ballot appeared on the right side of the screen.

JEFFREY: How do you find your candidates on the ballot?

JEFFREY: Please go to voterguide.rockthevote.org, and type your personal information. After filling your information out, click on Show Me My Ballot. On that list, you will find your candidates.

JEFFREY: Tip #2 – Think and Analyze.

JEFFREY: After researching your candidates, please think about which candidates that aligns with your interests and the issues.

JEFFREY: Focus on the individual candidates, their ideas, and their issues.

JEFFREY: You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter to learn more about them.

JEFFREY: Tip #3 – Decide.

JEFFREY: After researching, thinking, and analyzing, be sure to use those information to make a good decision.

JEFFREY: There are a lot of names, so be sure to write your candidates’ names on a piece of paper or in your phone.

JEFFREY: Tip #4 – Take Action.

JEFFREY: -close up of Jeffrey’s face- Did you decide yet?

JEFFREY: Be sure to rally your friends and family members up, and go to your nearest
polling place on November 3rd and vote!

JEFFREY: Tip #5 – Stay Engaged.

JEFFREY: After you are done with voting, are you finished?

JEFFREY: -close up of Jeffrey’s face- NO!

JEFFREY: After the elections on November 3rd, be sure to watch news and social media for
elections results.

JEFFREY: -close up of Jeffrey’s face- Why?

JEFFREY: So, you can celebrate of course!

JEFFREY: Also, you can keep being informed with your candidates’ progress and making sure that they keep their campaign promises.

JEFFREY: That’s all of the 5 tips on how to be an informed voter.

JEFFREY: If you want to know more resources, then please check those websites out!

JEFFREY: -hands pointing to four websites that appeared on the screen-

JEFFREY: The links are provided under this video.

JEFFREY: Thank you, and do not forget to vote!

-Fade in-

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