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Holiday Season Awareness & Prevention Tips | December 17, 2020

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Avoid Porch Package Theft

SUMMARY: According to research, 25.8 million Americans (that’s 8% of the population!) have been the victim of a local thief stealing Christmas gifts right off of their porch.


1. Get a P.O. Box as Your Local Post Office

[Slide shows a picture of PO BOX, USPS Office]

2. When shopping online, have your package delivered to a local lockers

[Slide shows a picture of Amazon Lockers]

3. Set up notifications to track your packages

[Slide shows a picture of white female holding a mobile device to check notifications.]

4. Install a Security Camera on your front porch (Ring)

[Slide shows a picture of Ring security camera on the ceiling outside.]

5. Get Your Packages Delivered to Your Office/Work if Allowed

[Slide shows a picture of two African American women in process of giving and receiving the package.]

6. Make your Delivery Require a Signature

[Slide shows a picture of a hand writing a signature on a chalkboard.]

7. If you are away on vacation, reschedule the delivery or ask for a package hold.

[Slide shows a picture of Asian female receiving a package to hold by a male customer.]

8. Get a Secured Drop Box

[Slide shows a picture of package resting on a package guard device next to the front door of a house.]

9. Insure Your Packages

[Slide shows a picture of a male holding packages requesting a female to sign the insurance form.]

10. Ask Your Neighbors to Grab Your Packages

[Slide shows a picture of a female reaching out to a package nested in a green bush of ivy.]

11. Have your package delivered to the home of a relative or friend that you know will be home.

[Slide shows a picture of a package with address label in front.]

12. Have your package held at your local post office for pickup.

[Slide shows a picture of Asian male picking up a package over the counter at post office.]

13. Ask your carrier to place the package in an area out of plain view.

[Slide shows a picture of Asian female receiving a package from the delivery person.]

[Slide content: What Do You Do If Someone Steals Your Package?]

If you happen to have your package stolen and are not sure what to do? There are some steps you should take to resolve the matter and make sure you are contacting the right people.

Contact the Sender

Most of the time all companies have guidelines in place for such mishaps with packages. Some of them will only send you a replacement. We have listed some common companies with specific information which may help solve the problem.

If need further information or not sure, look in the transcript below.

If you still need assistance, you can contact us. Be safe!


USPS Stolen Packages

If USPS was your delivery service, you must file a claim.
• You’ll need your tracking number and proof of insurance.
• You’ll also need proof of the value of the item.

If you have evidence that someone stole the package, submit any footage. You’re not likely to get a refund from USPS, which is why asking the seller for a replacement is your best bet.

UPS has different procedures for different types of orders. For domestic shipping (within the United States), you will need to wait out a 24-hour period before filing a claim.

For international shipping, you won’t be able to file a claim. UPS will investigate the claim you filed. However, there are no guarantees of finding the theft or receiving a refund.

Amazon Stolen Packages

If Amazon’s tracking system shows your package as delivered, but it’s not anywhere to be found, you can get a refund easily. You have to wait 36 hours to contact Amazon.

If your package is late, you’ll get a credit for the inconvenience. Even with third-party sellers, they handle the details so you don’t have to.

FedEx Stolen Packages

FedEx has an online portal for filing lost packages. They are, just like their delivery services, quick to resolve lost package claims. That is, if you file within 60 calendar days and have the details of the order on hand.

File a Police Report
If you’re certain someone stole your package, filing a police report is important. This isn’t just useful to you, it’s useful for the entire neighborhood.

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