Video description: A white woman in a black sweatshirt and beanie.

Transcript: Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a tip regarding sexuality signs. I’ve been seeing some people, including interpreters and educators, using this sign for ‘condom’. (Here’s the sign). I’d strongly advise you not to use that sign. Be careful with how you sign this word. Because this sign (using 2-claw instead of X) may imply that it’s alright to wear two condoms at once. In ASL, this claw classifier can represent the rim of a condom. All condoms have one rim. This sign- this ‘X’ handshape covering my index finger- is the accurate way to say condom. If you use the 2-claw classifier to say condom, You are sending the message to Deaf students or any Deaf person that it is perfectly fine to wear two condoms which are not true at all! Wearing two condoms is not effective. So, please do not sign ‘condom’ with 2-claw classifier. Use this accurate sign for ‘condom’! #deafsexeducation #sexeducationinasl #sexeducationforall #inclusivesexeducation #deafsexed #deafsexeducator

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