Tim Albert stands in front of a white background. He has short, dark hair and a close-cropped beard. He’s wearing a light blue collared shirt, dark vest.

In light of recently increased discrimination against Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities across the United States,
I wish to reiterate our institutional commitment to fight against racism
and hate in all its forms.
The xenophobic language regarding blame for the pandemic and unprovoked attacks against Asian Americans
are two indicators of a disturbing increase in discrimination against the Asian community.
This now is exacerbated
by the horrific shootings in Atlanta,
where the majority of victims are Asian.
We mourn the loss of these precious lives.

As a leader in higher education,
RIT must be at the forefront of change that leverages our passion for creating a more diverse, equitable,
and inclusive society. All of us are responsible for fostering a strong sense of inclusion and striving to form a campus culture that brings people together rather than dividing us.

We recognize that acts of racial trauma can cause RIT community members to experience increased anxiety, stress, and depression, and so I remind you that we have resources to help guide you through difficult times. As needed, students in the RIT community should reach out to your Resident Advisor or get in touch with Counseling and Psychological Services or Spirituality & Religious Life.
Faculty and staff can use the Employee Assistance Program. And the Division of Diversity and inclusion offers a wide array of programs and support.
We remain committed to building an inclusive environment where membership in the RIT community allows all faculty, staff, and students to achieve their fullest potential, both professionally and personally.
We unequivocally stand against the scapegoating, intimidation and violence being expressed against the Asian community.
We can be better.
We must be better.
Thank you.

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