Jennifer Taylor is a white female. She is standing against a soft blue/white abstract background. She has long brown hair. She is wearing glasses. She is wearing a purple shirt stating” #end overdose.

Hello, welcome!
My name is
Jennifer Taylor,
I am a counselor with Substance and Addiction Intervention Services for the Deaf (SAISD).
Did you know that every year on August 31st
is International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD)?

IOAD’s goal is to
increase awareness about those who died
or are impacted by overdose (OD),
and also that it is something that can be prevented.
OD is one of the biggest public health crises
right now,
yet is barely talked about due to stigma.
OD is an epidemic emergency
and we need to talk about it.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
stated that over
90,000 people in the U.S. died from OD in 2020. The number of OD deaths increased/jumped around 30% during the Coronavirus pandemic. These numbers recorded during the pandemic were far worse compared to 2019 statistics.

Locally the in Rochester area,
there has been an alarming increase in
OD deaths due to a new drug spreading in our community.
It is called Xylazine.
It is a strong opioid drug used as a horse tranquilizer,
it is not meant for humans to use.
It’s too powerful/strong and causes many OD.

If you would like to learn more about what OD looks like or what you can do to help – come stop by our booth event on August 31, 5-8pm
in Ellie’s Place.
SAISD will provide
free food drinks,
We hope you will come join us!
Thank you.

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