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Keven Poore stands in front of a white background. He has short grey hair and beard. He is wearing a dark gray dress shirt.

Video Transcript:
Dear RIT Students,
I write to you today to ensure clarity regarding the legalization of recreational use of cannabis
(also known as marijuana)
in New York State
and what it means for the RIT campus community.
In short, possession, consumption and sale of cannabis is still prohibited under federal law and
RIT is bound by the
federal requirements
under the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, therefore, possession, use, cultivation, and sale of cannabis remains prohibited as outlined in the
Student Code of Conduct.

You cannot possess or consume cannabis,
in any form,
on any RIT property (buildings and grounds) including RIT Housing (e.g., residence halls and on-campus apartments).
Members of the RIT community represent
not only academic excellence
but also personal excellence;
thus, as a member of the RIT community,
we ask you to be mindful of the following:

Consuming cannabis under the age of 21
is still illegal
in New York State.

Purchasing cannabis
for yourself or others
under the age of 21
is against New York State law and the
Student Code of Conduct.

Students are accountable for their behavior and behavior of their guests in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
This includes behavior
that occurs off-campus.

If you are looking for more information on the health risks associated with cannabis use, please reference the following resources:

Centers for Disease Control-Health Effects of Marijuana.
National Institute on Drug Abuse-Marijuana Drug Facts.

The health and safety
of our students is of utmost importance to us.
If you are concerned about your substance use
or another student’s substance use,
there are resources available on and off campus.
Counseling and Psychological Services;
call 585-475-2261 or send a secure message via the RIT Wellness Portal.

Health Promotion

Substance and Addiction Intervention Services for the Deaf

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution-Good Samaritan Protocol

Most importantly,
if you are concerned about a situation or the health and safety of yourself or someone else, do not hesitate to call Public Safety at
(585) 475-3333, (585) 205-8333 (text)
or if off campus,
the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department at 911.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at:

Thank you.

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