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Today we are taking a trip down memory lane as we share pictures of various voting workshops provided by MNCDHH and our Outreach & Civic Engagement contractors over the years.

Election Day is coming up on November 2, 2021. Do you know if your area will have elections? If not, find out by entering in your home address at this link provided by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon. https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

[Opening slide with round blue stickers, MNCDHH’s logo, and the words, “Voting Workshops.” Each sticker has an identity “& I vote” on it. The following identities are shown.
– Deaf Native American & I vote
– Black Deaf & I vote
– DeafBlind Queer & I vote
– Deaf Hispanic & I vote
– Deaf BIPOC & I vote
– Deaf Muslim & I vote
– Deaf Queer & I vote
– Deaf Asian & I vote
– Deaf Woman & I vote”]

[Red, white, & blue banner with the words, “your vote counts!”]

[Group of 12 individuals, within a classroom. They are signing “vote” and smiling. In the background are posters of the alphabet in fingerspelling, “American Sign Language Club, and “PAH Club.” They are wearing their blue stickers.]

[Two individuals, Azizia and Sokhan Sok, are sitting at a voter registration table. Azizia is in front of a laptop and is waving to get someone’s attention (person is not in the camera frame). Sokhan is smiling and signing the word, “vote.”]

[Xavier and Sarah Arana are wearing sunglasses while holding sticks with letters that spell out the word, “vote.” In the background is the American Flag on a wall.]

[A question is displayed onscreen, “Question: Does every polling place in Minnesota have an accessible voting machine?”]

[Large group of roughly 30 individuals inside of a filming studio with a large black backdrop. They are mostly wearing black or dark colors and signing the word, “vote.”]

[Cookie Brand and Bethany Gehman are in conversation in front of a sign that says, “Vote. Voter Info & Education Here.”]

[Kathy Manlapas and Kim Wassenaar are standing in front of an American Flag. Kathy has a rainbow scarf around neck and is holding a sign that says, “No excuses. Vote!” Kim has a rainbow scarf wrapped around head and is holding a sign that says, “Your vote counts!”]

[Jer Loudenback has arms stretched out and is chatting with a voter. Both are wearing masks and standing by a table with various voting materials and signs on it. They are in the parking lot outside Thompson Hall.]

[A question is displayed onscreen, “Question: Does every polling place in Minnesota have an accessible voting machine?” The answer is shown underneath, “Yes!”]

[The following text is shown onscreen, “MNCDHH has partnered with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of Sate and with various county elections office to provide opportunities for the DeafBlind community to test accessible voting machines.”]

[Tricia Borman is trying out an accessible voting machine. Standing next to Tricia is DeafBlind interpreter, Janine Cashman.]

[An elections office employee is pointing out the features of an accessible voting machine to a community member.]

[Patrick Vellia is testing an accessible voting machine. Seated next to Patrick is DeafBlind interpreter Albert Walla.]

[A question is displayed onscreen, “Question: What do MNCDHH’s Outreach & Civic Engagement contractors do?”]

[Civic engagement team members stand arm in arm together in the parking lot at Thompson Hall. From left to right are Pam Burry, Emory K. Dively, Migdalia Rogers, Jer Loudenback, Kim Wassenaar, and Rania Johnson. They are all wearing masks and civic engagement related shirts like “Deaf Voter” “We Count” for the 2020 Census, and “SignVote.”]

[Mai Vue and Kim Wassenaar are seated behind a table with a “Your Vote Counts” sign. The ‘Counts” part is not included in the camera framing. They are outside in a park.]

[Jason Valentine, Sarah Arana, and Fardowsa Ali are onstage during a recording for SPNN about voting.]

[A question is displayed onscreen, “Question: What do MNCDHH’s Outreach & Civic Engagement contractors do?” The answer is below. “Answer: Provide workshops statewide about voting, how to work with your legislators, and other civic engagement activities!”]

[Laura Schmit and Jean Breitbach are smiling and showing thumbs up. They both have fresh temporary tattoos on their arms with the words, “I will vote.”]

[Shawn Vriezen is providing a voting workshop to a darkened room of roughly 12 individuals. The PPT is displayed on the wall.]

[Sarah Arana sits at a round table with dishes and voting materials on it with 5 individuals, including Les and Linda Fairbanks.]

[Shawn Vriezen is onstage next to a large screen with the PPT. On the slide is a voting button with the words, “Your vote counts” and the slide title shows, “Voter Outreach 2016 “Your Vote Counts”.]

For the full transcript, visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hgPuOWfhXHIB-1Ln8xBZAwf2ORFltz81aOqcPDwcSUM/edit?usp=sharing

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