As a Deaf person I have learned to rely on my eyes to create meaning around me. Everywhere we go there is movement and, to most of you, movement translates to sound. For me movement creates meaning. When I see something move I see much more.

I use American Sign Language to communicate on a daily basis and grammatical features of ASL include body movement, facial movement, and hand movement. One change in movement can entirely change meaning. Our visual language creates movement that, in turn, creates meaning. Human movement can help us connect to each other.

ASL is an expressive language. Signers are animated not because they are bubbly and energetic but because sign language uses face and body movements as part of its grammar. ASL is the third most used language in America. It is growing at a rapid rate and Deaf children who rely on their eyes need access to ASL more than ever before. Curt Radford grew up in the beautiful state of Idaho. He played many sports but excelled in football, track and skiing. He has always been an expert fisherman and loves every activity that allows him to enjoy being outdoors. He was awarded a full ride football scholarship to Utah State University where he studied physical education and history. He then received a graduate degree in Deaf Education and a doctorate degree in Deaf Studies/Deaf Education.

He currently teaches American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and during the summer he teaches Curriculum Development at Gallaudet University. Curt developed, coordinated, and supervised the on-line ASL program for Utah State University. Curt has achieved all of this and more and is Deaf.

Curt is an exceptional ASL teacher and is passionate about improving the lives of Deaf children through the use of ASL in their education. He has traveled all over the country speaking about and teaching ASL. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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