Highlighting Intersectional Deafnicity: From Theory, to Experience, to Literature
Rachel Mazique

This talk seeks to highlight the multiple intersectional ethnic identifications that Deaf people of color
may experience. Starting from the theorization of Deafnicity, I move to feature the significantly
underresearched topic of intersectional experiences of Deaf people of color. I will discuss how the
conceptualization of Deafnicity is not to erase or overpower Sign Language Peoples’ (SLPs) multiple ethnic or racial identities for the sake of a unifying power among SLPs.
This analysis of the tensions between Deafnicity and intersectionality will move from the academic
theorizations of the concepts to Moges’ (2016) and my own personal experiences of “DEAF-SAME,” or Deafnicity—even with our respective intersectional identities. This talk seeks, in the end, to tie theory and the experiences of several intersectional Deaf scholars who have written on the topic, to highlighting fiction and nonfiction stories and poems written by intersectional Deaf authors.

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