Renca Dunn believes every individual has a gift to share with the world, and that they all can influence others (either in person or on social media) in ways that would surprise us. ✨

This is a small snippet of Renca. The full video will be released soon. Who is the most influential person or organization you know? Share below! ⤵️

[TRANSCRIPT: There are different people with many amazing talents. They all influence me in different ways. On social media, there are many people who inspire others. For example, Language Priority. They’re a leader in raising awareness on key topics we need to know. Christine Sun Kim’s art and her boldness has been an influence on me. That includes you too, Melmira. You have all influenced me. Of course, my family, my brother, and my mom have influenced me. So, it’s not just one person. It’s the community that has influenced me. All of you are a part of me. I can’t just pick one, it’s impossible.]

[VD: A white woman is wearing a black shirt with two large black earrings. She is wearing a silver ring. In the background, there is a dark tan background. On the right, there is a black light fixture, a large wooden clock. Renca is sitting on a tan sofa.]

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