Maximize your Convo Link experience and accessibility with Google Live Captions! With this hack, you’ll be able to see live captioning during your VRS calls on Convo Link to access more information. Watch to learn how.

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[TRANSCRIPT: “Want to know a cool tip that’ll make you love Convo Link even more? Google Live Captions! Got online workshops you want to attend? Have important Zoom meetings at work? Planning for Telehealth appointments? Use Convo Link and turn on Google Live Captions for maximum accessibility. Try it today!

Here’s how to set it up! Go ahead and open Google Chrome. At the top-left corner, click on Chrome to see the dropdown menu. Find and click on Preferences. In the Settings menu at the bottom, you’ll find Advanced. Click on that. In the dropdown menu, choose Accessibility. Next, you will see Live Caption. Go ahead and turn it on. Try it today!”]

[VD: A white woman is wearing a black Convo long-sleeved shirt. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun. She is wearing a gold necklace. The background is dull yellow. There is a clip of a white interpreter in black with an upper corner box of a white man in a gray shirt. Later in this video, there is a screen by screen of a Latino male in a black shirt and a Chrome logo, several window tab options, and black/green end cards concluding the video.]

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