With new COVID-19 cases surging in the U.S., we’re here to support you with this collection of resources to keep you, your family, and the Deaf community safe and updated on information. Take a look: convorelay.com/covid19-resources.

Stay healthy! We’re all in this together. 💚 #ConvoTips

[VD: A white woman is wearing a black sweater. She is wearing black circular earrings. The background is bland white. In the middle of the video there are screenshots showing a list of COVID-19 resources. A black end card with the link: “convorelay.com/covid19-resources.”]

[TRANSCRIPT: “We set up a website that offers resources and information related to COVID-19 in ASL! The list isn’t only related to COVID-19, there’s a variety of other topics such as mental health services, learning ASL, ASL storytelling, educational resources, online webinars, and workouts to support you and our community during this time. If you have resource recommendations for us to consider, please contact us at marketing@convorelay.com. We are in this together!]

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