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Alesia is wearing a dark brown polo shirt. She is African-American. She is wearing glasses. She has short dark hair. She is standing against a multicolored background. Erica Scorpio is wearing a dark brown polo shirt. She has dark curly hair. She is standing against a multicolored background. Aaron Pagan is wearing a dark brown polo shirt. He is African-American. He has facial hair. He has short dark hair. He is standing against a multicolored background.

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Oh, hey there! Long time, no see. It’s so good to see all of you again. I hope you all have been well and are staying warm in Rochester’s rollercoaster of weather changes. For those of you who do not know me, I am Dr. Alesia Allen, Assistant Vice President for NTID Diversity and Inclusion, ODI. Our office’s mission is to ensure that NTID is an inclusive and safe place for faculty, staff and students alike. The people on our team are Joseph Hill, Assistant Dean of NTID Faculty Recruitment and Retention, Thomastine Sarchet, Assistant Dean of ALANA Academic Outreach, Access and Success, Peter Hauser, Assistant Dean for Research Mentorship, Sarah Sarchet, a Senior Lecturer and Christan Monin, Senior Staff Assistant.
There are some updates we’d like to share since we last talked. As part of NTID’s Antiracism and Social Justice Plan, we aimed to create a position within the NTID D&I office to support ALANA (African, 2 Latin, Asian, Native American) staff recruitment efforts throughout the NTID organization. As of November 1st, 2021, Erica Scorpio has been hired as our ALANA staff retention specialist and Aaron Pagan has been hired as our marketing communications specialist. I’d like to introduce them both. First up, Erica Scorpio.
Hello everyone! Thank you for the warm introduction, Alesia. My name is Erica Scorpio and as Alesia mentioned, I am ODI’s ALANA staff retention specialist. My role entails designing and implementing programs and initiatives that focus on strategies to increase employee satisfaction. I do this by interacting directly with NTID ALANA faculty and staff to identify barriers and opportunities for career growth and promotion while at the same time devoting my attention to improving the overall retention of our ALANA faculty and staff here at NTID.
ALESIA: Thank you, Erica! We are so happy to have you on board. Now I’d like to introduce you all to Aaron.
Hi there! Thank you for the warm introduction, Alesia. My name is Aaron Pagan and I am ODI’s marketing communications specialist. My role will be centered on keeping faculty, staff and students up-to-date with what’s going on in our office and ensuring that all of our content is accessible. I graduated from RIT in 2015 with my bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations and went on to work in sales in the video relay service industry. I’m happy to be back on campus with an amazing team. Before I go, please be sure to “like” us on Facebook. And follow us on Instagram.
We look forward to collaborating with the entire community.
ALL: Thank you!

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