Meet our Director of Grants and Funding, Sonya Rodrigues-Romero at the Headquarters office in San Leandro!

Welcome to the DCARA team, Sonya!


[VISUAL DESCRIPTION: Sonya is sitting in front of grey curtain, wearing a charcoal grey t-shirt with the DCARA logo and beaded dangle earrings]


[Slide shows DCARA logo and text fade in the black background with a spotlight from left side.]

Hi Hi Hi. My name is Sonya Rodrigues-Romero. No Sign name yet.

I am the Director of Grants and Funding at Headquarters in San Leandro.

[Slide shows growing text and spotlight: If you could be an animal what would you be and why?]

Wow, so many beautiful and important animals. It is hard to choose 1. I choose a wolf. I am an Indigenous woman and the wolf is very important and respected in Indigenous culture for their strength and endurance.

I am excited to work with you!

[Slide shows DCARA logo and an image of wolf picture (Photo credit: Steve @ Pexel) with the sound of a wolf howl.]

[Slide shows
Contact Information:
(510) 343-6670 (VP/Voice)]


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