Meet Mayra Castrejon, a loyal member of Deaf Women of Color (DWC), a BIPOC-led advocacy organization. She experienced frustrations when working with other organizations but felt at home when working with Deaf teams who understood her. 😊

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[VD: A Latina is wearing a long-sleeved tan shirt. The background is dark gray]

[TRANSCRIPT: I’m proud to be part of Deaf Women of Color (DWC). That experience was incredible. I’ve been to other organizations. Most people there are hearing. They don’t get what it’s like to be deaf. With deaf teams who sign, it’s a different experience. In our meetings, everyone can contribute in sign! They are all smart people, and you are smart too. Everyone has skills to contribute. Don’t think just because you’re not white you aren’t valuable. When we all get together, we figure out what everyone can do. Then we become one team. I’m really proud of my team.]

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