Did you know you CAN have more than one VRS number? Learn more with this exclusive interview between Melmira and a special guest! #ConvoTips 👀

Already have a different VRS provider but looking for a second number? We got you. Get your Convo # now at convorelay.com/signup.

[Transcript: Consumer: “I heard a rumor that you’re not allowed to have more than one VRS number?” Melissa: “Oh, no! That’s not true. You should definitely have a second VRS number in case you can’t use your other number.” Consumer: “Yes, that happened to be me before and it was frustrating!” Melissa: “I definitely recommend Convo. They’re deaf-owned, deaf-centric, and their interpreters are the best.” Jess: “I can have two numbers?”]

[In a text conversation: Jess: “heyy did you know you can have more than 2 VRS numbers??” Friend: “really?? thought could only have 1 number?” Jess: “nah, can have two numbers” Friend: “how?” Jess: “can get at convo”]

[VD: There is one Latinx individual interviewing herself for the purposes of this video. The first clip shows a Latinx in a long-sleeved black shirt. She has pair of orange leaf earrings. The background shows a white couch with yellow curtains on the left. The second clip shows a Latinx wearing a black Convo sweater with a pair of large hoop earrings. There is a painting of a peacock feather in the background. Later in the clip, there is a white nonbinary individual wearing a black shirt with a Pride sign. They’re wearing a black jacket. The background shows a neat kitchen. There is a video showing two individuals engaging in a text conversation. At the end there is a link: convorelay.com/signup and Convo logo.]

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