Do you ever wonder what type of services Advocacy Services offer to the Community Members?

Watch this informative video, the Advocacy Department will elaborate on each category.

If you need support from Advocacy Services, please contact the front desk at or VP: 510-343-6670 and ask for our advocacy services!

Full video description and transcript are available here:

0:00 Advocacy Services
0:05 What does the Advocacy Department have to support the Community Members?
0:34 14 Counties
0:41 What are the seven service categories we offer to the Community Members?
1:12 Communication Services
1:40 Peer Counseling
3:31 Advocacy Services
4:15 Independent Living Skills (ILS) Instruction
4:55 Job Development and Placement
5:21 Information and Referral
5:54 Community Education
6:40 Meet the Advocates and Community Educator!
6:55 Ask for our services!

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