Meet Jason Corning, a fierce DeafBlind advocate that wants to push for a systematic change in the quality of interpreting services for the DeafBlind. His goal is to end the exploitation of using family members for interpreting.

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[TRANSCRIPT: One thing I’d like to change in the world is to increase the availability of apps for interpreting services, as well as interpreting services in general and the quality of those services. Many businesses still stubbornly exploit family members for interpreting. I want to change that. We need one legal system for the U.S. and the world. So DeafBlind people can enjoy everyday life like everyone else, not just in a select few states. Some states have this, some don’t. Some are strict, some aren’t. I want systematic change.]

[VD: A white man is wearing a navy blue colored collared shirt. He is wearing sunglasses. The background is dull gray.]

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