[VISUAL DESCRIPTION: Amy, a white-presenting Latinx, wearing a DCARA t-shirt with a logo on the right along with curly dark brown hair and is sitting in front of a white wall with Star Wars decorations on the desk on the left.]


[Slide shows DCARA logo and text “Staff Spotlight” fade in the black background with a spotlight from left side.]

[Slide shows text “Meet Amy Gomme! Deputy Director” and a photo of Amy. The card color is teal with an accent color, orange.]

My name is Amy Gomme.
What do I do? I am the Deputy Director here at DCARA.
Where do I work? At DCARA Headquarters in San Leandro, CA.

[Slide shows growing text and spotlight: If you could be an animal what would you be and why?]

Being asked which animal I love, I would need to think about that. Do I have an actual animal that I love? No, it is not exactly an animal. Being an avid Star Wars fan, means that opens up more options for me. I’d have to say it is a Wookie.
Is Wookie an animal? I’m not sure honestly. However, Wookies are
but a Wookie is easily angered. I don’t exactly agree with that but yes because of those characteristics, a Wookie is what I would choose to be my favorite “animal”.

[Video shows the freighter, Millennium Falcon, leaving hyperspace and entering the place to park.]

[Slide shows a laidback Wookie smiling in front of a snowy background with the words in black “Wookie” pointing towards the Wookie.]

[Video shows the action of Wookie raising hands overhead to the back of its head.]

[Video shows the freighter, Millennium Falcon, booming out of the place into hyperspace.]

[Slide shows a DCARA logo in front of a Millennium Falcon which later fades in the white background.]

[Slide shows white background with black text: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.]

[Video shows a crowd of Wookies cheering.]

[Slide shows white background with black text: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.]

[Slide shows
Contact Information:
(510) 343-6670 (VP/Voice)


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