Need to add a family member’s phone # to your contacts? Got a business phone # that you use often? Watch to learn how you can add contacts for a quicker way to connect. 📱

Don’t have a Convo #? Get yours now at

[TRANSCRIPT: Have a business like a doctor’s office, dentist, vet, or mechanic that you want to add to your contacts? Need to add a family member’s new phone number? Let me show you how. Now you can connect with people easily. Don’t have Convo? Try us today!]

[VD: a white woman is wearing a charcoal gray Convo shirt. She has a pair of glasses. Her hair is pulled back in a bun. The color of the background is a dull white. In the middle of the clip, there is a video showing the process of how you can add contacts to your contacts book. At the end there is a link: and a green Convo logo.]

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