Tired of annoying robocalls, spammy, and telemarketing calls? Here’s an easy guide on how you can make unwanted calls disappear. 🪄

Don’t have a Convo #? Get yours now at hubs.li/Q0190-XQ0.

[TRANSCRIPT: No one likes annoying calls interrupting their days. With Convo, it’s easy to block a phone number and say goodbye to unwanted calls. How? Log in your Convo account, go to your Contacts list, and add phone numbers to your Block List. Let me show you how. [A demo shows how to get to the block list.] That’s it! Now you can have peace of mind.]

[VD: Black background. An image of Ian, a Latino male, wearing a black shirt and black glasses against a white background. The screen slides to the left and opens on Ian signing. As Ian shows us how the screen display slides to the left side-by-side showing where to find the block list. Log in to your Convo account on our website, then at the upper-right corner, you’ll see Contacts. As you click on that, you will now see the Block list, and open the menu to type in the number to block and click to add. A card at the end reads convorelay.com/signup. A green Convo logo follows.]

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