Ever needed to make calls while traveling internationally but you didn’t have VRS access? With Convo Passport, there’s no need to worry! You can make calls anywhere, anytime. #ConvoTips

Traveling soon? Get your Convo Passport now at hubs.li/Q0190-XQ0.

[TRANSCRIPT: Signer: Looks good. The text “Lost your credit card? How can I call my bank? How can I use VRS? How can I get help?” Signer: Luckily, I have Convo Passport. Phew! Now I can call my bank at home.]

[VD: The first clip shows a dull-colored globe with a blue paper airplane. There are two logos at the top, one with Japan’s national flag on the left and United States flag on the right. There is a white nonbinary individual wearing a blue and yellow patterned shirt. They have a backpack and a drink in their left hand. The backdrop shows a hallway. The next clip shows the person holding up a black book with the title “Kyoto” on it. The background shows another view of the hallway. In the next scene, the person enters a shop. There are yellow bubble lamps hanging up with a red roof. The background shows some street. The scene turns black-and-white. The same scene shifts back to color. There is a text card: “Call anywhere. Call anytime with Convo. convorelay.com/passport.” A green Convo logo follows. In the end, the person pets the concrete dog sculpture.]

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