Say hi to Phelan Conheady, a Deaf individual forging his path in Seattle! He wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his mother. Watch to find out how he chooses to honor this amazing woman. 💚

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[TRANSCRIPT: Honestly, my mom is the most inspiring person for me. She is an immigrant from the Philippines. She came to America and faced hardships. She rolled up her sleeves and worked hard to provide for her two kids. She made sure I got all the opportunities I could. Many people looked down on her based on her nationality, her race, and her language skills. But she was tough and said “I can.” I was touched. I look up to her so much. When I first moved to Seattle, I cried and cried. I missed my mom. But I decided on one way I can honor her. I grew up watching her make flan and finally, last year, she taught me how to make it. I plan to bring it to Seattle with me to honor her.]

[VD: A light-skinned individual is wearing a black denim jacket. He’s also wearing an orange-white patterned shirt. He has a pair of 50s-style glasses. The background shows a black curtain.]

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