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Board of Directors – Part One

[Transcript Begins]

[Slide shows graphic of variety people sitting on the round table with white text: Join the DCARA Board. Part One.]

[Video displays four screens on Zoom of Roz, Amy, Michelle, Jerry]

Jerry: My name is Jerry Grigsby. I am on DCARA board. Background is brown. Man without hair, with mustache. Wearing a black shirt with San Francisco Giants logo.

Roz: Hi, I am “Roz” Ramos-Barry. Roz is sitting in front of camera with white background. Asian woman wearing white gauge (earrings); clear tan glasses and black long sleeves blouse.

Michelle: Hi, my name is Michelle… last name, Camara. I am a DCARA staff. Michelle sits behind a bright white background. White woman with a long brown curly hair, black rim glasses, and wears black shirt.

Amy: Hi, I am Amy Gomme. I am a DCARA staff. The background is dark gray. I am a white-presenting Latinx, wearing a burnt orange shirt along with turquoise dangling earrings and curly brown hair, sitting in front of a charcoal gray background.

Roz: Hello there!! Great news!!

There is an excellent opportunity for someone who is passionate about the vision and mission of DCARA!!

The DCARA Recruiting Committee is excited to announce that applications are being accepted to serve on the DCARA board of directors!

Want to take a role in supporting DCARA to thrive?

Do you enjoy community engagement; collaborating; fundraising?

Does this kind of thing fit you or someone you know? Take a chance and apply to join the DCARA Board of Directors!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact the committee at RC@dcara.org

[Slide displays blurry image of round table with white text: RC@dcara.org]

Website: https://dcara.org/about-us/board/application/

[Slide displays blurry image of round table with white text: https://dcara.org/about-us/board/application/]

Please keep an eye out for a second video that will have more information on what is to be expected from a DCARA Board Member!

[Slide displays an image of round table with white text: Thank you]

[Slide displays DCARA logo with white text: www.dcara.org]

[Video displays a video of blooper footage with yellow text in the upper area: Behind the scene]

Jerry: …sign the (all laughing) background first… The background is brown, I am a man (all laughing) without hair, with mustache. Wearing a black shirt with San Francisco Giants logo.

Michelle: Honestly (laughing) needs to cut this part.

Amy: All of us need to do this again (laughing). I think maybe… we will cut this.

Roz: (laughing) seriously.

Amy: Maybe… I don’t know…

Roz: Okay… One more… one more… one more, please (giggle)

Jerry: Serious, okay.

Roz: That was a good laugh. We needed it!

Michelle: Name first or sign the description first?

Amy: Can do name first the description. Really, it doesn’t matter. Breath, okay. One… two… three… Roz is laughing. One… two… three…

All: Hello!

[Transcript Ends]

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