For video conferencing calls, you’re not only limited to Zoom with Convo. You can also use our interpreters on different platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Watch to learn more. #ConvoTips 💯

[VD: A white woman is wearing a black shirt. She has Convo earrings, a necklace, and two black hairbands on her right wrist. The background is a bright gray color. In the middle of the clip, there is a screenshot of Zoom and its credentials. There’s a black background with two logos showing Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. In the end, there is a link that reads: with a green Convo logo.]

[TRANSCRIPT: Have you used Convo + Zoom? Never? Convo + Zoom may be a great option for you. Last-minute parent-school meetings, work gatherings, and more are happening on Zoom. Convo makes it easy for you to join with an interpreter! Make sure to share these three things with your interpreter before using Zoom for a quicker process. 1. Zoom’s audio dial-in number 2. Meeting ID 3. Participant ID or numeric password. Also, let the interpreter know it’s a Zoom meeting so they can prepare if they need to transfer during the call. Happy Zooming with Convo!]

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