Forgot your password? No worries! Use this quick guide to help change your password and get back to using Convo ASAP. #ConvoTips 💯

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[TRANSCRIPT: Did you forget your Convo password? So frustrating. We’ve been there, we understand. What can you do? First, click or tap on “Forgot # or Password”. We’ll send you a link to reset your password. After you enter and confirm your new password, you can use Convo again. Simple, right? If you ever need to change your password, just click on “forgot # or password”. This works on any platform! Don’t have a Convo #? Get yours today!]

[VD: A white man is wearing a black Convo shirt. The shirt has a green Convo logo on the top left corner. The background is dull white. In some parts of the videos, you will see a video demonstration of a phone going through “Change Your Password” process.]

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