Text appears and fades: “The Seven Highlights of Beautiful YLC” The video sequence goes back and forth between Leaders and various recorded clips of MMA.

LILY: Team L is no more! We are Team 32!

MIA: I’m on your team too! (Team sign name)

Lily and Mia accidentally hits Elian.

CATALENE: When we went to the beach, it was so cold! Ahh, I still have sand in my ear.

CODY: You’re still cold?!

CATALENE: I know, but still!

SEANNA: We went to the Newport pier and ate at Mo’s. We are crabs and it bit me!

CODY: On Olympics day, we played different games. Know who won first place? L (not L anymore), 32!

MIA: We went to Silver Falls and saw beautiful waterfalls. There was a river at the end where we all went swimming. The water was COLD.

GIOVANNI: We went to volunteer and were split into two groups: one at the community garden, and one at the food bank. We worked fast!

CHRISTIAN: The trip to the laundromat was fun because our clothes smelled clean again and there were plenty of snack choices!

Elian does a flip. Text on top: “Team 32”

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