Psst… these 3 features for your Convo app might be something you never knew you needed until now! Watch to find out what these are. #ConvoTips 📱 Download now at

[TRANSCRIPT: 3 Convo Features you might not know about. There are many ways to customize your Convo experience. Under the Accessibility section, there are three features available. 

UI Position: You can choose either hand to use with Convo app. 
App Background: You can preview your mirror before making a call.
Video Zoom: You can choose to see your interpreter zoomed in or zoomed out.

You’ve got three ways to customize your Convo app!]

[VD: A white woman with blond hair is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt. The background shows an outline of a mobile phone (this phone will be present the entire video). The woman is standing, with the background showing the Convo App homepage. The process: Click on the button that has three white horizontal lines on the top left corner.Scroll down to the Accessibility section. There are three features: UI Position, App Background, and Video Zoom. Each of the category has two options. First, the UI Position category has two options: “Left” and “Right”. Their icons are white outlines of hands holding a phone. Secondly, the App Background category has two options: “With Mirror” and “No Mirror”. The “With Mirror” icon has a white outline of a person within a phone. “The No Mirror” has a white outline of a phone. Thirdly, the Video Zoom category has two options: “Show in Full” and “Zoomed In”. The “Show in Full” icon has a white widescreen-style outline where you can see the person horizontally with a picture of yourself in the top right corner. The “Zoomed In” shows a white outline of an interpreter dominating the screen. The woman then leaves the screen when the explanation is done. There is a black card: Download Convo | A green Convo logo follows.]

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