#TodayILearned: We all know you can call 911 with Convo. But did you know you can call 411 and 811 with Convo? #ConvoTips

Now you do! Watch and find out what 411 and 811 are for. 🤓

Don’t have a Convo #? Get yours now at hubs.li/Q0190-XQ0.

[VD: A white man is wearing a maroon shirt. The background is dull blue. In the next clip, there is a black background with a message: “411: -Address -Phone numbers -Places of interest”. The video shifts back to the signer again. There is another black background with a message: “811: -Call before digging -Find safe areas -Prevent accidents”. At the end there is a message: “convorelay.com/signup” with a green Convo logo.]

[TRANSCRIPT: You already know you can make emergency 911 calls with Convo. But did you know you can also use Convo to call 411 and 811? What are those numbers? I’m happy to explain. Moving to a new city? Need more information about the new area? 411 calls are perfect for this. Need to plant something big outside? Need to lay some ground wires or plumbing? 811 calls are for when you need to dig underground. These calls help you make sure everything is safe and ensure you don’t accidentally hit utility lines or pipes. Keep yourself safe! Ready to make calls? Get your Convo number now!]

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